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This is the timeline selection page, just select a team and start exploring.

WARRING STATES TIMELINE---------------------
Map of Musha World

~Early part~
The first 3 parts focus mainly on the continent Ark

Team of 7 Mushas

The Wind, Woods, Fire and Mountain

The World as one

~Later part~
The later parts bring in stories and characters from the other 2 continents

The Strongest in the world

The Lengendery General

The 7 Super Generals

The Super Mecha General

The Mystical Metal

General Touba

The 7 stars

Musha Chronicles-Light Transformation

~New age~
The new age features human characters

Musha Generation

Legend of Mushamaru


MEDIVAL AND MISC. TIMELINE---------------------

SD Gundam-Hero Legend


G-Generation Zero